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BRAWO LOFTHOUSE – Increased Tool Production Capacity

, BRAWO LOFTHOUSE – Increased Tool Production Capacity

At Lofthouse, we are always innovating to provide the highest level of quality and value to our customers.

One of our most recent investments, the Helitronic Vision tool grinding machine, will now allow our Tool Room to produce customized, high quality carbide form tools for our Machine Shop.
What does this mean for Lofthouse customers?
In short, the tool grinding machine provides customization, speed, accuracy, and cost control to our customers.
CUSTOMIZATION: Our engineering department works hard to design “better functioning” tools that can lead to a reduction in machining cycle times and increased productivity.

The Helitronic tool grinding machine has opened new opportunities for tooling improvements.

SPEED: Lofthouse now has the ability to produce custom carbide form tools in-house in a matter of hours to meet changing customer demands and requirements.

Lead-time of custom tools can also be reduced to days instead of the 4-6 week wait time from outside tooling manufacturers.

ACCURACY: The tool grinding machine will be outfitted with a high-powered optical measuring module capable of magnifying 400x to ensure superior precision and quality of tooling.

COST CONTROL: By producing more tools in-house, Lofthouse is able to offer better cost control on our tools with batch quantities and eliminated tool shipping costs.

With this level of speed, customization, and accuracy in our tool production, you can be assured that your parts will be produced with the highest level of attention to quality and value through every stage of the process.