Continuous improvement and innovation lie behind the success of the Brawo Group and are the keys to meeting Customer’s expectations. 
Quality, reliability, and customer service are the distinguishing features that allow us to quickly adapt to our Customer’s demands.

The Brawo Group specializes in forging and machining brass, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals. The several companies of the Group operate in an integrated vertical chain: from raw material procurement to tool manufacturing through to the final product. , TECHNOLOGIES We work with our Customers through every step of the design and production process. Our goal is to supply high quality products, in full compliance with the technical and functional characteristics required by Customers while optimizing timing and costs savings. Thanks to our investments and expertise in flexible and complementary machines, Brawo can run both large and small lot sizes. The Group boasts a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to meet all your production needs. In addition, the adoption of lean manufacturing methods and real-time production monitoring software ensures efficient and accurate control of all our processes. Brawo is an international group comprised of subsidiaries located in different continents. This allows us to react quickly to customers’ requests, reducing delivery time and enhancing customer service.
  • More than 150 years of forging and machining expertise
  • Corporate reliability spanning five generations
  • Financial stability and a dedication to investing in the latest technologies
  • Multinational corporation with flexible production plants in Italy, USA and Canada
  • Dedication to delivering on-time and complying with the highest quality standards
  • Project design assistance to turn your projects into real innovative projects
  • Reduced production timing thanks to our vertically integrated structure


The Brawo Group is specialized in the forging and machining of brass, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals.

The key to our success is our vertical structure, fully integrated from the procurement of raw material.


Almag S.p.A., one of the companies of the Holding HUG, specializes in the production of brass bars and supplies alloys in compliance with required technical specifications. Almag S.p.A. operates according to an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System. 


International market leaders supply the Aluminum used for hot forging.
All partners are certified according the most important quality standards: ISO 9001:2015; OSHAS 18001:2007; ISO 14001:2015; IATF 16949; EN 15088:2005; EN 9100:2018.

The Brawo Group’s rich history of hot forging promises you the industry’s best production know-how and quality. Hot forging is a technologically efficient process that produces components with superior mechanical characteristics, improved surface appearance, and is highly repeatable with little production waste. Hot forging solves many of the problems that are commonly found in die cast-parts such as porosity.


Brawo boasts state-of-the-art forging equipment to provide efficient and flexible production for most batch sizes. 

Our focus on collaboration with customers from the very beginning of the design stage ensures a lean, efficient, and competitive production process. 

Our fleet of 40 forge presses ensures your unique production needs can be met. 

All presses are equipped with gas, air recycling, or induction ovens and two-color optical pyrometers directly connected to a monitoring system to ensure each billet is forged at an optimal temperature. Oil temperature control systems are also used to maintain optimal die temperature during production. 

  • Bell presses ranging from 400 to 700 tons, automatically operated, with electronic interlocking. 
  • Traditional presses from 200 to 1600 tons, including both screw presses and mechanical presses. These may take the form of both vertical drill presses with a vertical core penetration, and horizontal drill presses, which involve four-side cores penetration.
  • 2.500 tons knee presses.
  • Highly efficient Hatebur presses, able to manufacture up to 10,000 pcs/hour. This technology is well suited for forging fittings: nuts and balls with diameters up to 35 mm, with relatively simple geometries and high-volume batches.
  • Hydraulic press: The newest technology in our forging department offers all the benefits of our other presses but also has the capability to produce much more complex parts with difficult geometries. It is one of a kind in its sector; it has the ability to press large parts on five sides and has a die closing force up to 1,000 tons. In addition to these advantages, it also offers improved productivity with shortened set-up times.
  • Our oil temperature control units maintain forging parameters to ensure part-to-part consistency throughout production.

Brawo carries out heat treatments for both Brass components, such as annealing and normalization, and for Aluminum ones, such as solubilization, quenching and aging (T6) internally. These processes are extremely important to achieve the mechanical properties required by the automotive industry. All treatments are performed to AIAG CQ19 standards.

Brawo is equipped to provide a range of different surface treatments for both Brass and Aluminum parts. Surface treatments like yellow pickling, used for surface passivation, are also performed in-house.

Our in-house surface treatments provide high quality final products. Well-vetted external suppliers provide all other surface treatments such as chemical and galvanic treatments like nickel, tin, copper and chrome plating, tumbling, lead leaching, anodizing, and polishing.

Brawo’s machining departments are outfitted with a wide range of machines to meet all of your production needs while also delivering to the highest quality standards. 60 different machining centers are available to suit all your needs. Investments and expertise in automation enable us to deliver high quality, efficient, and high value components.
  • Five axis CNC Machining Centers and Lathes CNC machines can be easily set up and are suitable for low volume productions of complex products with high quality standards.
  • Four or five axis flexible cells These machines are suitable for complex products with medium to high production volumes as they have higher rates compared to the CNC machining centers.
  • Transfer and flexible transfer machines of latest generation These machines are equipped with up to 12 stations and 58 tools and are suitable for the production of complex products. They are also extremely adaptable to suit most batch sizes.  Special devices such as rotating clamps and fixtures, horizontal pivoting units, multiple spindle heads and small machining centers, make it possible to machine extremely complex components. 
  • Transfer machines can also machine parts from profiled bar.
Tooling plays an important role in forging and machining. This is why Brawo has developed internal capabilities, both in Europe and in North America, to produce custom tooling for our production activities. The production of dies, tools, clamping systems, and spare parts within the Group optimizes production timelines and efficiency. Our tool production facilities are technologically advanced and highly automated. CAD-CAM programs for tool production are prepared internally by our engineering departments through solid modelling to ensure maximum repeatability and efficiency.


Logistics is responsible for material flow, from the procurement of raw material to the product’s final shipment to the Customer. Our Logistics team is responsible for tracking all production phases, whether these are carried out internally or by third parties.

Our entire production flow is tracked by our manufacturing software. Once the raw material is received, it is identified with a tracking number associated with the production order. This identification number will follow through the entire production chain until the product is shipped to the customer and allows us to trace any production variable of the component.

Thanks to our three strategically located plants in Europe, the United States, and Canada, we plan the most suitable delivery solution to meet each customers’ needs: from Consignment Stock, which offers immediate availability of material and a reduction in stock, to Just-in-time production and the Vendor Management Program for the American market.