Human resources have ever been a treasure to preserve at Brawo. Nowadays, in a season of far-reaching economic and social changes, their importance is even increasing. For this reason, Brawo involves the entire staff in projects aimed at improving their skills. Through the identification and codification of the skills and knowledge inspiring the company, this corporate culture allows to manage a more targeted and effective training and education, a valuable support to personal growth and career plans. All the people who work at Brawo feel aware of their role and are motivated to achieve the group’s Mission in mutual respect.




General Manager 

Brawo S.p.A.

“Today, innovation is the key factor to determine a company’s success. This is the reason why Brawo keeps investing in advanced technologies, sustainability, and in the continuous training of its people.

If we focus on these three key areas, we gain a competitive advantage on the market and we ensure sustainability for future generations. This also means that we can count on qualified personnel capable of “making a difference”. In fact, Brawo strongly believes in the strengthening and development of the skills of its people as they contribute every day by adding value to our processes”



General Manager 

Brawo North America

“Our success is attributed to the innovation derived from our highly skilled staff that has enabled continued investment in new technology providing us with sustainability for many generations.”


Senior Operations Manager

Brawo USA

“Serving our customers and exceeding their expectations is at the very core of our company’s values. We accomplish this by implementing creative, thoughtful and sustainable strategies throughout our global operations. For more than 100 years, we have built trusting relationships with our customers and our partners. While we serve them today, they can also rest assured that we will be here for them tomorrow as we continue to grow and invest in a sustainable future. Being a part of this brand means we are always prepared to do whatever it takes to refine our craft, invest in the best and most modern technology, and work side by side with our partners and suppliers to develop new manufacturing concepts that will benefit our customers. Innovation is in our DNA and that’s what makes us a globally trusted organization. Our knowhow and our creativity has given us the foundation and the courage to be ourselves. By embracing our heritage and continuing to offer innovative solutions to our customers, we look to the future without fear.”