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BRAWO:  2024 a of sustainability, innovation and growth

Today companies have to operate in an environment of fast change, that is influenced by several factors, including emerging technologies, uncertain market dynamics and constantly evolving customer expectations.

Adaptability is a key factor for the success of organizations to face continuous changing conditions and to seize all the opportunities.

With this strong conviction Brawo have defined a very clear strategy for 2024 based on:

Process optimization and availability of information:

A continuous changing global context requires organizations to be more and more lean and fast in taking decisions. The optimization of your own processes and the availability of information are essential to reach this target.

Many of the projects launched in the past years move in this direction and they will continue throughout 2024 with the introduction and development in Brawo of:

· Digitization of drawings and control plans (Speaking Drawing project)

· Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems

· Industrial automation in several departments.

An increasingly sustainable company

Sustainability, equity and inclusion continue to be key factors. The first Sustainability report was published in 2023 and it was the official declaration of company commitment for territory and community.

Brawo will work in this direction with investments aimed at further reducing its environmental impact and improving the well-being of its workers in the new year, too.

2024: the year of growth

The completion of the new warehouse scheduled for 2024 represents a significant chapter in Brawo’s history. With a surface area of 7,500 m2, the fully automated new warehouse, reflects the company philosophy of technological progress but always with an eye towards the environment.

A large green area will be created around the warehouse, designed in collaboration with agronomists and specialists. The roof of the building will be equipped with photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity and the walls will be covered with sound-absorbing panels to reduce the acoustic impact.

Therefore 2024 promises to be full of challenges and opportunities just waiting to be seized. We are ready to undertake the journey that will lead us to achieve all the goals set for the new and next years!!!

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, BRAWO:  2024 a of sustainability, innovation and growth